Pricing depends heavily on project size, project scope and of course time. Which is why i always recommend contacting me about your project to get a price estimate as it might be lower or higher than the pricing options on this page.
I offer three reference packages, the prices listed here are reference prices, please contact me for a more accurate price estimate for your project.
Small Package – 10$
 - Small extensions(panels) or scripts. (ex. Website integration, Simple utility functionality)
Medium Package – 25-35$
- Complicated extensions with several panels, background servers etc. or complicated scripts. (ex, remote control, panels with advanced functionality)
Large Package – 40-50$ (or higher)
- Big projects requiring research, complicated panels or scripts (close to native functionality)

Do you have a good idea for an extension but you're unable to or not interested in paying me to develop it? Feel free to drop me an email and suggest it, if i like the idea i might still develop the extension and put it up for sale for anyone to pay for and download!
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